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Get to know each member of the team below:

  • Kamadala's Kovu
  • Kamadala's Kiara of D' Crusher
  • Kamadala's Zazu
  • Kamadala's Zuri of EWK
  • Kamadala's Kion
  • Carl Michael de Leon




Kamadala's Kovu

BORN: February 06, 2007

BREED: American Bulldog

BREED TYPE: Pure Performance

MARKING/S: Pure White


  • Stable Temperament
  • Tolerable of Kids and even Small Dogs
  • Very Social, Charming, and Comedic
  • Protective of his Territory


  • Dog Sport Competitor (Mondioring, Obedience Trials, Disc Dog, and Agility)
  • Mountain Climbing
  • River Trekking
  • Beach Getaways


  • Socialization and Obedience Trainings started at 3 months of age
  • Mondioring Training at Cavite Mondio Ring Club started at 6 months of age (August 2007 to August 2010)
  • Mondioring Training at Eugene Reyes K-9 Training Club started at 3 years of age (September 2010 to November 2013)
  • Disc Dog (Just an Icebreaker from the usual Mondioring Trainings)
  • Weight Pulling (Just an Icebreaker from the usual Mondioring Trainings)
  • Agility (Just an Icebreaker from the usual Mondioring Trainings)
  • Dock Diving (Just an Icebreaker from the usual Mondioring Trainings)


  • GMANewsTV's Reel Time - Documentary on the usual day of Kovu from morning to night
  • GMA 7's Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho - Featured Kovu's outdoor adventure together with some other mountain hiking dog buddies
  • GMA 7's Pinoy Records - Frisbee Showdown with DJ Sam YG of Magic 89.9 radio station
  • ABS-CBN's Matanglawin - Featured the American Bulldog's protection capabilities
  • GMA 7's Unang Hirit - Featured twice to demonstrate Mondioring routines and Disc Dog catches
  • QTV 11's Tropang Potchi - Promotion of the "TailRunners: The Metro Dog Run 2010" Event, where Kovu was one of the chosen event ambassadors
  • "Agawan Base" Independent Film - Played a very significant role for Kovu's acting debut
  • Magazine Cover Dog - Featured Cover Story on Manila Bulletin's Animal Scene Magazine for the October 2014 issue
  • Manila Bulletin's Animal Scene Magazine - Featuring some of Kovu's adventures and activities
  • Other newpaper articles on events that Kovu participated on


  • August 2007 - Started Mondioring Trainings
  • March 2010 - Started participating in local Mondioring Fun Match Trials
  • December 2010 - Dog-in-White in the Official Philippine Mondioring Level 1 Trials
  • February 2011 - Passed Mondioring Brevet Trial (Score: 87 out of 100 / Passing Mark: 80)
  • November 29, 2013 - Passed Mondioring Level 1 Trial (Score: 170 out of 200 / Passing Mark: 160) under Mondioring World Cup Judge Dominique Duperret of Switzerland
  • November 30, 2013 - Retirement from Mondioring


  • Mondioring Level I Titled American Bulldog
  • Only the second American Bulldog to get titled in Mondioring in the Philippines
  • Officially among the very few American Bulldogs ever to get titled in Mondioring around the world
  • Provided Team Kovu with a Tried and Tested Training Program and Experience of a Lifetime
  • A Family Dog, A Companion, A Best Friend

For Kovu's online pedigree, please check this link out: PEDIGREE DATABASE

For the full profile and story of Kovu, please click HERE


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