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The White English Bulldog: Bulldog In Its True FormEver heard of the White English dog breed? Before anything else, it is NOT that short, stocky, and wrinkly-faced English Bulldog that is white in color. HERE is an article about the breed and why it can be considered as the "Bulldog" in its truest form. The article was contributed by Armiel T. de Torres of ThunderBeast American Bulldogs.

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Mondioring and American Bulldogs: Things surely doesn't comes easy when one chooses this path... one has to have: Passion, Dedication, Hardwork, Patience, Know-How, and Experience!

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Time to take on the challenge to start making that significant change in today's trend of American Bulldogs in the country! Time to genuinely improve the breed by deeply learning more about what the American Bulldog breed truly is and contribute to secure the breed's future in the country. This initiative was already kickstarted by Team Kovu last February 11, 2017.

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Philippine American Bulldog Revolution

The PHILIPPINE AMERICAN BULLDOG REVOLUTION INITIATIVE will have its initial launch and introduction this coming February 11, 2017 (Saturday) at exactly 4pm at the ERK-9 Training Field along Soreena Avenue corner Sucat Road, Sucat, Paranaque (behind Shopwise Sucat Parking Lot)! This campaign will soon turn out to be a nationwide movement to gather and bring together all the American Bulldog enthusiasts to work and aim for ONE COMMON goal of TRULY improving the American Bulldog breed in the country.


The Philippine American Bulldog Revolution is all about educating the local American Bulldog enthusiasts with the aim to genuinely improve the breed in the country. This is not a club nor an organization, but rather just a movement that may later on pave the way to either the revival of an old or the establishment of a new and solid American Bulldog group in the country. Through this initiative, Team Kovu will just provide the needed information and support that local enthusiasts need to know and realize about the breed. Aside from that, as it is Team Kovu's specialization, the team will be more than willing to provide support in bringing out the working character every American Bulldog needs to maintain in each generation. Which may later on pave the way for the establishment of a more suitable Iron Dog competition locally tailored for the current stocks of the country!


Anyone who are deeply passionate about the American Bulldog breed OR even the ones still planning to have an American Bulldog in their very own family. You may bring the entire family along and make this a family day with your American Bulldogs.


It is a MUST that attendees bring their very own American Bulldog/s in order for Team Kovu and/or the team's guest/s to determine how the initiative will be able to help improve their dog/s. Better yet, to distinguish also how the attendees together with their American Bulldog/s be able to make their very own contribution to the community as a whole. This will help determine and measure the current status and profiling of the American Bulldogs in the country moving forward.


  • Totally NOTHING, but to ENJOY, LEARN, and CONTRIBUTE!
  • Participants may or may not be "experts" or "well-versed" on certain American Bulldog topics. We will all share whatever information we may have available at the time.
  • American Bulldogs going to the event may or may not be trained. It is even recommended to bring them as raw as they can be for Team Kovu to assess them more accurately.
  • Come with some ideas and/or expectations on what you want to achieve with this initiative.


  • Learn more about the American Bulldog breed like its origin, puppy to adult life, maintenance, purpose, direction to which the breed should be years from now.
  • Personal evaluation on the work that participants and their own dogs can do at home, which is more suited for them.
  • Profile of participants and their American Bulldogs will be featured and stored in the Community Section of this website.
  • What and how Team Kovu proposes to help each and everyone interested to improve their own stock and the entire community as a whole.


  • Please feed your American Bulldog at least 4-6 hours before travel
  • Bring their favorite toy AND favorite treat (raw hotdog chopped into small pieces or boiled chicken liver are highly recommended)
  • Bring water and water bowl for your American Bulldogs
  • Bring their leash, flat collar, AND harness
  • Strictly no peeing AND/OR eliminating inside the Training Field, there is a specific area in the field where that is only allowed
  • Do not let your dogs run around the field as there will be an activity that may require their full energy
  • Do not litter around the field as there is a designated garbage area where you can deposit your garbage before leaving


  • Registration Fee is Php 500.00 (with or without dogs, so might as well bring your dogs)
  • Please e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the following details in advance:
    • Complete Name
    • Contact Number
    • Address
    • Name of all the dogs you will be bringing with their age and gender
  • Your picture together with your American Bulldog/s will be taken at the venue for formal profiling on this website
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