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The White English Bulldog: Bulldog In Its True FormEver heard of the White English dog breed? Before anything else, it is NOT that short, stocky, and wrinkly-faced English Bulldog that is white in color. HERE is an article about the breed and why it can be considered as the "Bulldog" in its truest form. The article was contributed by Armiel T. de Torres of ThunderBeast American Bulldogs.

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Mondioring and American Bulldogs: Things surely doesn't comes easy when one chooses this path... one has to have: Passion, Dedication, Hardwork, Patience, Know-How, and Experience!

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GOOD NEWS to the local dog community who wants to learn and/or train with Team Kovu. The team will finally open up its doors to anyone willing and interested to try out the team's training programs right at the team's very own training camp. In addition, an Adventure Camp will be made open to the public to experience a simulated obstacle trail that the team have already faced in their real-life adventures!

More details coming out very soon!

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